Dear you,

I've been looking forward to meeting you, and I can't wait to tell you about myself.

I have American Heartland roots, but I love the busyness and culture of the city. I'm the All American girl that you would want to meet and have on your arm. I have high tastes, such as a fine wine or a cocktail when I've had a long day, and the thing I enjoy most is to be the perfect complement to a successful and confident gentleman.

It grants me the chance to meet many people of substance, and I am comfortable in anything from a dress-up corporate event, to just between the sheets. I pack a bit of everything, so ask me what I have, casual or formal, and I'll dress to the occasion. We can enjoy some music together, live or from my playlist, and pepper the evening talking about your latest accomplishment, or just how wonderful I look for you.

I truly love what I do, and kindle a connection with everyone I meet. You'll see I'm a sophisticated young lady with class and a sweet personality to match, that you'll want to see again.

See you real soon,